Teaching Staff: To be announced
Course Code: ΠΛΗ02
Course Type: Compulsory
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Delivery method: Lectures
Semester: 2nd

Short Description:

The course focuses on the familiarization of information technology technologies in order to be used by students during their studies. Initially, students are trained in the use of MS Excel spreadsheets, in particular in the introduction, modification, and processing of data in order to draw conclusions in the context of an academic research. Thereafter, students are familiarized with the MS power point presentation program and learn to modify and enrich presentations in order to be able to present the conclusions have emerged from an academic research.

Objectives - Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of the course the student has acquired:

  1. Perception of new technologies
  2. Perception of MS Excel spreadsheets use
  3. Perception of conclusions drawing methods in the context of an academic research.
  4. Perception of MS PowerPoint presentation program
  5. Ability to modify and enrich MS PowerPoint presentations
  6. Ability to present effectively the findings of an academic research


1st Week: Spreadsheet application management, Creating, Opening, Closing, storing spreadsheets files, storing spreadsheets files on different types, location and name, Switching between open spreadsheets files

2nd Week: Manage spreadsheets, go to different spreadsheets of one or more open books, insert spreadsheet, delete spreadsheet, rename spreadsheet, Copy, move spreadsheet to the same or a different spreadsheet

3rd Week 3: Show and hide toolbars, go to a specific cell or area of ​​a spreadsheet, zoom out Zoom in, Stabilize and destabilize areas of a spreadsheet, know how to set basic application options, specify a default folder for the opening - saving documents, Using the available help functions of the application

4th Week: Importing and editing data in the spreadsheet, entering text, numbers, dates in cells, entering additional cell data, correcting cell content, erasing cell contents, automatically filling in data into cells, Using the cell data finder and replacement features, Sort ascending, descending the contents of a cell area, Use Undo and Restore function

5th Week: Data processing, Cells management, Move, copy cell contents to the same or different spreadsheet, Insert, delete a cell, cell range, rows, columns

6th Week: Data Formatting, Spreadsheet Format, Cell Selection, Cell Range, Rows, Columns, All Spreadsheet Cells, Change Line Height, Column Width, Auto Adjust to Data

7th Week: Formatting Cells, Formatting Cells Containing Numeric Data: Percentage, Decimal Numbers, Separator of Thousands, Currency, Formatting Cells Containing Date Data, Font Selection and Font Size, Apply Bold, Lateral, Underlined, Change Font Color, Wrap Content cell alignment, Alignment, centering, cell content orientation, Title centering in a range of cells, Changing cell content orientation, Outline and shading cell

8th Week: Types and functions, Cell references, using a relative and absolute cell reference in formulas or functions, Calculation types that do not call functions, creating a calculation type with numeric data, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, creating a calculation type using cell references

9th Week: Calculation Types Using Functions, Creating Formulas Using Sum Counting Functions, Average, Maximum, Minimum, Counting Count, Rounding, Creating Decision Making Using IF Function

10th Week: Graphs, creating graphs, creating graphs from spreadsheet data, Selecting, changing the chart type: Pie, bars, columns, Line, Modifying and formatting a chart, Move, Copy, delete, change chart size, add title or label to Charts, Change Colors, Column, Line, Pie, Change Charts Background Color

11th Week: Prints, Spreadsheet Print Configuration, Page Margins on a Spreadsheet, Page Orientation, Page Size Adjustment, customize header, footer, Show, hide gridlines, Show, hide row and column headings, repeat when printing line or title lines on each page, customize print area to specified page widths by width and height,

12th Week: Spreadsheet Preview, use print options, number of copies, specific cell range, selected graph, selecting an installed printer, Printing to an installed printer

13th Week: Familiarity with MS PowerPoint presentation program, ability to modify and enrich MS PowerPoint presentations

Suggested Bibliography:
  1. Microsoft Excel 2016, D. Karolidis, K. Xarchakos, ISBN: 978-960-6789-21-2, Code in Eudoxos: 68369508I.
  2. Guide and Applications of MS Excel with Analytical Examples, Glava Mary, ISBN: 978-618-5242-00-2, Code in Evdoxos: 59392754.

Teaching Methods:

Teaching approach includes theoretical lectures, laboratory meetings, and lectures take place in the laboratory. In addition to basic teaching methods, modern teaching methods such as group collaboration and discovery teaching methods are used.

Evaluation Methods:

Computer-based evaluation

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