Employment & Career
Employment & Career Structure (D.A.STA.) of the Ionian University is an effort of combination, transformation and rationalization of the structures of the University concerning student career and connection with the labor market. The Employment & Career Structure supervises and supports 3 Acts: Liaison Office, Unit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Practice of the Ionian University, which aim to the substantial interconnection and mutual cooperation of the academic community with the labor market.
Website: dasta.ionio.gr

The Liaison Office ensures the upgrade and the quality of services as a comprehensive information service and counseling for students / alumni of the Ionian University for education and employment, and promotion as a means of encouraging openness of the Ionian University and develop channels of communication and social networking with the local employers.
Website: dasta.ionio.gr/liaison
Liaison Office

The Unit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a program that will assist the students of the Ionian University, that after graduation will be integrated and have to face the challenges of the knowledge society, technology and information.
Website: dasta.ionio.gr/mke
Unit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Practice Office ensures the coordination of design and implementation of Practice programs, the synergy with the Employment & Career Structure (D.A.STA.)of the Ionian University and other structures, the response of Practice on labor market needs and two-way communication with the productive sector.
Website: dasta.ionio.gr/internship
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