History Department - Laboratories

The Department of History runs the following informal laboratories: 
- Laboratory of History Documentation and Mediterranean World Research
- Laboratory of Modern History Documentation
- Laboratory for the Study of the Ancient World

Workshops - objectives
The overall aim of the Department's Workshops is to promote scientific research and produce new knowledge in their particular fields of study. They operate on the fundamental principle of the close connection between research and teaching, and are orientated towards providing support to both the under- and post-graduate programmes of study at the Department of History.
More specifically, their objectives are:

a) to produce all types of materials for the support, development and updating of research and teaching.
b) to organize activities and events that promote a closer connection between teaching and research.
c) to carry out research projects, seminars and studies.
d) to co-operate with research centres, institutes and universities both in Greece and abroad.
e) to take up initiatives that would facilitate the integration of the University in the local community.

Academic Calendar 2019-2020
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