11th International Scholars’ Symposium Sports, Society, and Culture “Olympia & the Search for Identity” in honor of the Ionian heritage

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11th International Scholars’ Symposium
Sports, Society, and Culture
“Olympia & the Search for Identity” in honor of the Ionian heritage
July 12 – 15, 2022
Ancient Olympia, Greece

Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC (CHS), the International Olympic Academy (IOA), and the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University (CHS Greece) co-organize the 2022 International Scholars' Symposium in the "Sports, Society, and Culture" series. The Symposium will be held between 12-15 of July in the recently renovated premises of the IOA in Olympia.

Topic & description
Building on comparative aspects of earlier themes in the series, the topic of the 2022 Symposium is "Olympia and the Search for Identity": 11th International Scholars' Symposium in honor of the Ionian heritage.
The Symposium will bring together scholars from around the world and up to forty (40) students from Greece and Cyprus in plenary and breakout sessions designed to generate stimulating discussions and examine the multifaceted relationship between athletics and the search for identity from ancient to modern times. What does participation in the Olympic games signify? How did the ancients define their identity through the Olympic Games and how is identity approached and acknowledged in modern day Olympics?

Presentations will be followed by workshops/breakout sessions, during which participants will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the themes of the presentations in small groups. The Symposium will conclude with a closing session, where the outcomes of the discussions will be presented. See the detailed program of the symposium and abstracts of presentations.

Academic Coordination
Professors Stamatia Dova (Hellenic College Holy Cross & CHS), Charles Stocking (University of Western Ontario & CHS), Susan Stephens (Stanford University), Onno van Nijf (University of Groningen), Peter J. Miller (University of Winnipeg), and Dr. Maša Ćulumović (CHS).

This activity is open to up to forty (40) undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters and PhD) students from a list of specific eligible departments that span the disciplines of Sport Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Greece and Cyprus. Read the list of eligible departments for participation in the symposium. Application deadlines: March 15 - May 8, 2022.

Compliance with Covid 19 measures and logistics
The organizers of the activity are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments, including health and safety regulations from the authorities, evolving public health situation, related travel and other restrictions, as well as guidelines from their respective institutions. Although organizers are planning this activity on-site (Olympia, Greece), Symposium format may change to virtual (held via Zoom), depending on evolving health and safety considerations. All participants must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 disease at least 15 calendar days before July 12, 2022, to enter the IOA premises in Olympia. Organizers will continue monitoring COVID-19 developments, regulations, and guidelines, and they will inform participants about any changes in the safety protocols as soon as possible.

  • The International Olympic Academy will facilitate the transportation of the participants by bus from Athens to Olympia (July 12) and back to Athens (July 15).
  • Accommodation (single rooms) and meals (breakfast, lunch) on the IOA premises will also be offered by the International Olympic Academy.
  • The organizers do not cover airfare and other incidental expenses associated with the presence and participation in the symposium, beyond those described above.
  • Details about transportation and accommodation will be shared with the participants in due time.
  • Organizers will remain in contact with applicants and/or participants of this activity and will communicate any changes as early as possible.
  • This is a non-fee-based activity, and participants will be given certificates of attendance during the closing session of the Symposium.


Learn more about the Symposium, its speakers, program, and application procedure.

Online Application and Contact Information Applications (https://forms-greece.chs.harvard.edu/sports-society-symposium-application/) open on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. The deadline for all submissions is Sunday, May 8, 2022.

The selection process will conclude by June 10 and selected participants will receive acceptance messages via email, along with instructions regarding the confirmation of their participation and the submission of other related forms.

For more information and the online application please visit the Symposium website (https://greece.chs.harvard.edu/conferences/sports-society-symposium) and/or contact:
IOA Sessions’ Coordinator
Ms Marilena Katsadoraki
Email: m.katsadoraki@ioa.org.gr
Phone: (+30) 210 6878810


Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University
3100 Whitehaven Street, NW,
Washington DC 20008
+1 202 745 4400 tel. | +1 202 797 8650 fax
chs.harvard.edu | outreach@chs.harvard.edu

International Olympic Academy
52 Dimitrios Vikelas Avenue, 152 33
Halandri, Athens
+30 210 6878810 tel. | +30 210 6878840 fax
ioa.org.gr | ioa@ioa.org.gr

Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece,
Harvard University
Philhellene Square & Otto Street, 21100 Nafplio
+30 27520 47030 tel.
greece.chs.harvard.edu | chsnafplion@chs.harvard.edu

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