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Teaching Staff: To be announced
Course Code: ΝΕΦ202
Course Type: Compulsory Elective
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Semester: 3

Short Description:

Teaching staff: Vasileios Letsios

The Ionian School of Literature. The 17th and 18th c. Ionian Literature. Andreas Kalvos. The Zante circle. Dionyssios Solomos. The Solomos circle. The circle of L. Mavilis and K. Theotokis. Aristotelis Valaoritis. The Corfiot School of Literature I. The Corfiot School of Literature II.

Objectives - Learning Outcomes:

The course is an introduction to 19th- and 20th-century Greek poetry and prose through literary criticism and reading/ analysis of literary texts.

By the end of the course the student should be able to understand literary topics, forms and movements that relate to Greek literary texts of the 19th and 20th century, and discuss aspects of ideology and form/ movements of the time through the reading of literary texts.


Week #1: The Ionian School of Literature

Week #2: The 17th and 18th c. Ionian Literature

Week #3: Andreas Kalvos

Week #4: The Zante circle

Week #5: Dionyssios Solomos I

Week #6: Dionyssios Solomos II

Week #7: The Solomos circle

Week #8: The circle of L. Mavilis and K. Theotokis

Week #9: Aristotelis Valaoritis

Week #10: The Corfiot School of Literature I

Week #11: The Corfiot School of Literature II

Week #12: Conclusions

Week #13: Revision

Suggested Bibliography:

1) Theodossis Pylarinos, Επτανησιακή Σχολή [The Ionian School], Ηρόδοτος, 2007 [59397270], 2) Evripidis Garantoudis, Οι Επτανήσιοι και ο Σολωμός [The Ionians and Solomos], Καστανιώτης, 2008 [16851], 3) P. D. Mastrodimitris, Επτανησιακά [Aspects of the Ionian Literature], Πορεία, 2006, [7103]

Teaching Methods:

Lecture. Presentations. Essays.

Evaluation Methods:

Exam (written). Evaluation of presentations and essays.

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