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Teaching Staff: Vassileiou Fotis
Course Code: ΙΒΥ608
Course Type: Seminar
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Delivery method: In the classroom
Semester: 6

Short Description:

Procopius of Caesarea, one of the most significant byzantine historians, left us a fascinating narration of the Justinianic era. This seminar focuses on his works, as well as other contemporary sources, and shades light on the protagonists and the significant events of the period. Students are expected to produce an essay and defend it in and oral presentation.

Objectives - Learning Outcomes:

The students will:

  • acquire a rich perspective on the Justinianic era
  • become familiar with the primary sources of the 6th-century Byzantium
  • develop an ability to write with clarity about historical events and defend it in an oral presentation


Week #1: Introduction

Week #2: Procopius, Justinian, Theodora, Belisarius

Week #3: The Wars of Justinian

Week #4: The Secret History

Week #5: Buildings

Week #6: John Malala’s Chronographia

Week #7: Agathias’ History

Week #8: Romanos Melode’s Kontakia

Week #9: Hagiography

Week #10: Presentation of the assignments 

Week #11:. Presentation of the assignments 

Week #12:. Presentation of the assignments 

Week #13: Presentation of the assignments 

Suggested Bibliography:

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Maas, The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Justinian. Cambridge 2005

D.A. Parnell, Justinian's Men Careers and Relationships of Byzantine Army Officers, 518-610, Λονδίνο 2017

Teaching Methods:

Open lectures.
Critical reading and analysis of source material

Evaluation Methods:

Written assignment.

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