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Teaching Staff: Laiou Sophia
Course Code: ΙΟΘ601
Course Type: Seminar
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Delivery method: In the classroom
Semester: 5

Short Description:

The seminar discusses aspects of the daily life in the Ottoman cities during the 16th to 18th centuries, and particularly in Istanbul. The topics that are discussed are the following: intercommunal relations, times of pleasure, violence and marginal social groups, poverty and almsgiving, the social position of Muslim and non-Muslim women, natural disasters and epidemics, health and philanthropy, and consumptive habits of the Ottoman inhabitants of the cities.

Objectives - Learning Outcomes:

The seminar aims to familiarize the students with the Ottoman mentality and culture and its expressions in the public space during the early Ottoman period. After the successful completion of the class the student will be able to better understand aspects of social history.



1st Week: Introduction into the notions of mentality, culture, public and private space as well as discussion of the bibliography

2nd week: Concepts of pleasure in the Ottoman society

3rd week: The culture of coffee

4th week: The use of tobacco and the coffeeshops

5th week: Times of pleasure

6th week: Epidemics and natural disasters

7th week: Health and philanthropy

8th week; Poverty and almsgiving

9th week: Women and interpersonal relations

10th week: The economic activities of women

11th week: Violence and the social margin.

12th week: Policing and repressions

13th week: Overview of the most important topics.


Suggested Bibliography:

Μ. Σαρηγιάννης, Η απόλαυση στην οθωμανική Κωνσταντινούπολη, Αθήνα 2003· Faroqhi S., Κουλτούρα και καθημερινή ζωή στην οθωμανική αυτοκρατορίας, Αθήνα 2000· E. Boyar-K. Fleet, A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul, Cambridge 2010· B. Başaran, Selim III, Social Control and Policing in Istanbul at the End of the 18th Century, Leiden 2015


Teaching Methods:

Uploading papers on the e-class platform and their discussion during the class. Study of translated Ottoman sources.

Evaluation Methods:

The final mark derives from: a) the participation in the discussion, b) the oral presentation of part of the seminar paper and c) the seminar paper.

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