Summer Seminar on Greek Language and Culture
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Greek Language and Culture Seminar 2017:


Summer Seminar on Greek Language and Culture
Department of History-Ionian University


  1. The organization, support and operation of the seminar is entirely undertaken by the Department of History-Ionian University
  2. The seminar will be held in the building of the Department of History which is located within the city of Corfu, 72 I. Theotoki St.
  3. Scientific coordinator of the program: Vaios Vaiopoulos, Associate Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Department of History- Ionian University.
  4. Contact person: Dr. Christina Melliou,




Summer School 2017 is organized by the Department of History (Ionian University) and is addressed to those who want to learn how to speak Greek and also to those who want to be able to raise their skills in order to be able to think in Greek. Attendees will also be encouraged to develop argumentation by using the Greek language and to put into practice that gained knowledge on issues concerning historical, philosophical and other subjects.

Moreover, summer school is organized in an environment that blends the exquisite beauty of the natural landscape, with the unique architectural, artistic and cultural presence of a place that is part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. That place is the City of Corfu, where the foreigner students will have the opportunity to live a relaxed and memorable experience while learning the Greek language, history and culture by combining the past times with the present, and thus broadening their intellect and aesthetic horizons.


Courses Schedule:

Courses will be taking place from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 14:00 pm.  Dates: 1-31 August 2017.

However, the first week will be a week of adaptation. We understand that students may come later than the 1st of August, according to the most convenient flights to Corfu.

Students may also arrange their departure a little bit earlier than the 31st of August, according to the flights they may find.


For weekly teaching hours see the attached course timetable.




AccommodationIonian’s University Student Care covers the accommodation for all students for the period 1-31 of August (check-in August, 1 – check-out August 31), at the University Hall of Residence (in rooms with private bath): address Second lane of Eleftherios Venizelos str., New Port, 49100 Corfu. Taxi from the airport costs 8 euros and there is also frequent public transportation. The Student Residence (2nd Parodos Eleftheriou Venizelou street) is only 5 minutes away by foot from the Port and the University (Ioannou Theotoki 72 street) is only 5 minutes away by foot from the Residence. The airport is about 10 minutes away by car or bus from the University and the Students Residence.


Library: All students will have access to Ionian University’s Library which is located next to History Department.


Meals: Lunch and dinner will be covered for all students for the above mentioned period (1-31 of August) at a restaurant close to the University Hall of Residence.


Courses: at the Department of History, 72 Ioannou Theotoki St. From Sarrocco Sq. you take Ioannou Theotoki St., direction to the Port. The History Dpt is at 200 m. approximately on the left.


Participation fee in the excursions scheduled is covered for all students.


Contact person: Dr Christina Melliou,


There might be some modifications in the above program of courses and excursions for which students will be informed.