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Academic Calendar 2017-2018
Updated: 22-05-2017 14:55 | Views: 1375
The Academic Calendar 2017-2018 has been announced.
Graduation Timetable - May 2017
Updated: 30-03-2017 13:47 | Views: 7982
The Graduation Ceremony will take place Tuesday, 23rd of May, 2017 and Wednesday, 24th of May, 2017, in the Ionian Academy.
Celebration of March 25th and speech on "Greek revolution and antiquities"
Updated: 09-03-2017 13:11 | Views: 2990
As part of the events for the celebration of March 25th, the Rector of the Ionian University, Prof. Vasileios Chrysikopoulos, invites you to the speech of Stavros Vlizos on "Greek Revolution and Antiquities".
Book presentation: Homeric Receptions Across Generic and Cultural Contexts
Updated: 13-01-2017 15:22 | Views: 3542
Athanasios Efstathiou and Ioanna Karamanou (eds.), Homeric Receptions Across Generic and Cultural Contexts, De Gruyter (σειρά Trends in Classics – Supplementary Volumes, Volume 37), 2016.
Event in memory of Professor Vassilis Spyridonakis
Updated: 11-01-2017 12:13 | Views: 2892
Teaching proposals at Ionian University
Updated: 10-01-2017 11:58 | Views: 4785
Call for young researchers PhD holders, in the implementation of "Obtaining Academic Teaching Experience for Young Researchers Doctorate Holders".
Lecture of Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Youngjip Ahn
Updated: 15-12-2016 13:02 | Views: 3312
Lecture of Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Youngjip Ahn: The speech, which is organized under the auspices of the Ionian University, will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 18.00 at the Ionian Academy.
Athanasios Efstathiou and Ioanna Karamanou (eds.), Homeric Receptions Across Generic and Cultural Contexts
Updated: 10-12-2016 20:35 | Views: 3118
This collective volume provides a fresh perspective on Homeric reception through a methodologically focused, interdisciplinary investigation of the transformations of Homeric epic within varying generic and cultural contexts. It explores how various aspects of Homeric poetics appeal and can be mapped on to a diversity of contexts under different socio-historical, intellectual, literary and (...)
Open lecture: "White and black magic in Rome"
Updated: 09-12-2016 14:09 | Views: 3597
The Department of History of the Ionian University invites you to a lecture by Dimitrios Mantzilas, Latin Literature Phd from the University of Paris IV, on "White and black magic in Rome". The lecture will be delivered (in Greek) on Tuesday, December 13th, at 17.00 in the Auditorium 1, Building of the Depts of History and Archives & Library Sciences, Ionian University, 72 Ioanni Theotoki (...)
Meeting for Era Places Internship [21/11/16]
Updated: 20-11-2016 23:01 | Views: 3297
We inform you that Monday, November 21st, 2016 and 10.00 to 12.00 a meeting about the chances of the Internship Era-Places in foreign universities will be held, in the Ionian Academy.
International Congress an Parallel Events: The Siege of Corfu in 1716
Updated: 16-10-2016 12:41 | Views: 7372
Ionian Academy - 21-23/10/2016. Organized by Municipality of Corfu and the Ιonian University.
Invitation to first-year students by the Rector Prof. Vassilis Chrissikopoulos
Updated: 15-10-2016 14:07 | Views: 2892
Rector Prof. Vassilis Chrissikopoulos invites first-year students to a welcoming event.
Creative Writing Workshop [20/10/16]
Updated: 07-10-2016 12:55 | Views: 3180
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