4th International PhD students conference (Classical Philology)
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Co-organized by the "Region of Ionian Islands” and Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, Universitat autónoma de Barcelona, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Ionian University Corfu


«Editare, commentare, interpretare: approcci multi formi al testo letterario

Edieren, kommentieren, interpretieren: Die vielfältigen Zugänge zu literarischen Texten

Editar, Comentar, Interpretar: apropaments multiformes al text literari

Έκδοση, υπόμνημα, ερμηνεία: ποικιλόμορφες προσεγγίσεις του φιλολογικού κειμένου

Editing, commenting, interpreting: multiform approaches to literary text.»

Corfu, Greece, 13-14 July 2017

Department of History, 72 Io. Theotoki St., 49100 Corfu, “Nikos Svoronos” Amphitheater

Scientific Committee:
Liana Lomiento (Urbino), Gernot Michael Müller and Bardo Gauly (Eichstätt), Carlos Varias García and Joan Pagès Cebrian (Barcelona), Christine Walde and Annemarie Ambühl (Mainz), Theodoros Pappas, Athanasios Efstathiou and Vaios Vaiopoulos (Ionian University).






10.00 Welcome and Greetings. 
Theodoros Pappas, Vice Rector, Ionian University. 
Representative of the Region of the Ionian Islands
Athanasios Efstathiou, Vice Head of History Department


a. Ancient Greece. Chair Annemarie Ambühl
10.20 Marina Fernández Monterrubio, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: The Study of Minoan Religion based on Linear B Tablets from Knossos: Questions of Methodology, Identification of Deities and Their Continuity. Some Examples
10.40 Tullia Spinedi, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo: A new interpretation for the first poem preserved in PSI X 1174
11.00 Lorenzo Bucceroni, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo: Anacreon: how to provide a collection of testimonia
11.20 Coffee break

11.40 Loredana Di Virgilio, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo: Metrical, musical and dramaturgical aspects in the Hoopoe’s first song (Ar. Av. 209-222)
12.00 Nello Sidoti, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo: Some neglected evidence on the pre-Alexandrian circulation of tragic texts
12.20 Stamatios Souvlakis, Ionian University: Athletics in ancient Greece: the struggle to win
12.40 Discussion 
14.00 Lunch


b. Ancient Rome I. Latin Love Elegy. Chair: Bardo Gauly
17.30 Eva Werner, JGU Mainz: The elusiveness of Roman love elegy in the light of Tibullus III 8-18
17.50 Jonas Ludäscher, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt: De-Constructing Corinna: The introduction of the puella in the Amores of Ovid
18.10 Coffee Break
18.30 Efterpi Tsiampazi, IonianUniversity: Ovid’s Heroides: controversies and ambiguities in between elegy and epos
18.50 Aikaterini Kehagiadaki, Athens University-Ionian University: Effectiveness and Ethical conundrums in Ovid’s Ibis
19.10 Discussion
20.30 Dinner


c. Ancient Rome II. Prose and Poetry. Chair Christine Walde
10.00 Sabine Retsch, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: The paratextual frame of Cicero´s De oratore
10.20 Isabella Brummer, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: Constructing an autobiographical mode of perception in Hor. Sat. 1.5
10.40 Coffee Break
11.00 Matthias Heinemann (JGU Mainz): Lucan and Caesar’s De bello Gallico– an Intertextual Approach
11.20 Stefano Rozzi, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: The Strategemata: a Vademecum for Generals
11.40 Discussion


d. Late Antiquity. Chair: Gernot Michael Müller
12.20 Chiara Marie Schuerch, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: The virtue of fortitude in the De officiis of Ambrose of Milan: analysis and possible explanation
12.40 Michele De Lazzer, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo: Editing a Latin glossary: among problems of interpretation and textual corruptions
13.00 Johanna Schenk, Katholische Universitaet Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: Aeuo friget, adulterio calet (Alc. Avit. epist. 18, p. 49,28P = ep. 15,2MR). Two Bishops and a Case of Incest.
13.20 Discussion
14.00 Conclusion. Liana Lomiento
14.40 Lunch 
20.30 Dinner




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